Four years ago I was eating Saag Paneer with him

Bill and i went to a farm this past weekend to buy pumpkins and apples. It was the fifth anniversary of our 2nd date so we recreated the day which ended in an early dinner in New Haven. I thought I would re-blog the post I wrote last year about how we met.

where my feet are

Bill and I met four years ago, 10/9/10, after connecting on and emailing back and forth for four days. I took the advice of keeping the first, blind date brief and in a public place among other people ( dates are so easy to spot, aren’t they?) so we arranged to meet at a coffee shop in New Haven. My sister, acting as my personal stylist, came over in the early afternoon that Saturday to help me pick out just the right outfit for my date; liking what I read and saw on Bill’s profile page, I wanted to make a good first impression. For the occasion I pulled my best, dark wash jeans out of the closet and off their hanger. They’re long so I wore a pair of black high-heeled sandals. I topped my look off with a white tee and black cardigan, basically my uniform then (and now). Considering I picked my standard outfit, I own white and…

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    • Thanks, Carrie. I used to be self conscience telling people how we met but not anymore. Out of the five couples we got friendly with on the safari, two of them had also met on match, 🙂

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