Out with the old, In with the new

One of the reasons I started this blog – 2 years ago this month – was to explore a restlessness I had been feeling for a long time. I thought if I wrote about it, I’d get clarity from others who have felt this way and from the act of writing. I had been dating Bill for three years, had traveled to San Francisco, Italy and Southern Utah with him, opportunities I never had in my marriage. I was grateful for a full time job that enabled me to borrow money from the bank to buy a house, take those special annual vacations, and weekend getaways several times throughout the year. Still, I’ve been bored and restless and wondering what’s next.

Over the months motivation would kick in and I’d apply for jobs on the internet. I’d take the time to tailor my resume with key words and phrases, hoping it would be plucked from cyberspace and land in a human’s inbox, fill out the online application with the exact same information from my resume, press send and wait for the computer to generate its rejection letter. I’ve been looking for a new job this way, on and off, for over two years. In all that time I had three phone interviews but not one face to face.

I want to be excited to go to work, feel passionate about what I’m doing eight hours a day. My career’s been good to me but I’ve been doing this for thirty five years, save a four year period when I went to college full time. Honestly, I’ve been skating at my job for too long; I’m not challenged, I’m stagnant. Some welcome the consistency and comfort of knowing what to expect day in and day out. I’d rather jump, knowing the net will appear even if it’s just out of my line of vision.

Thanks to good friends and networking I heard about a start-up company in an industry I know little about way back in January; the founder and I started communicating in February. We spoke on the phone once or twice but I would check in via email regularly.

This company, which is in the health-care field, has found its feet and is gearing up for an anticipated explosion in their business. They’re at the tipping point, I was told. So, after months of friendly check-ins, I had three interviews in a two week period and was offered the job on our third meeting. I start a new career the last week of 2015. I’ve told my close circle and can’t keep the excitement from busting out of me whenever I talk about it. To some, it may sound risky. To me, it’s a risk worth taking; honestly, it doesn’t feel risky, it feels right.

I’ll be learning about a business very different from what I know. I’m excited, a little nervous, but mostly excited. I think I’ve been heading toward this for a long time. I got frustrated, more than once, when I wouldn’t even get a phone call after applying for a job I knew I was qualified for. Now, I’m thankful I didn’t, happy I was left waiting because I think I just got the job I was meant to have.

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  1. How exciting! Best of luck to you with it. I agree–sometimes rejection is meant to be. Oftentimes there’s something better down the road, as in your case. I’ve always loved the quote: “Rejection is God’s protection.”

  2. This is more exciting Geralyn – it came at the right time and in a way that compliments where you are in life. Can only wish you all the best in your new career, and CONGRATULATIONS it’s a beautiful thing!

  3. What a wonderful way to start the new year! It was meant to be. Why else did you have enough money socked away that you could afford a 2 year hiatus? (Even if you did feel a smidge guilty about it.) After a break from work, now you’re primed and ready to jump into something new and exciting. I’m so happy for you. Hope you’ll still find time to keep blogging. 😉

    • I was just on your blog reading your latest post, Linda. 🙂 Oh, I’ve been working all this time…but always searching too. I am beyond excited to learn and grow in an entirely different field. I’m sure I may shed a tear or two, behind closed doors, if it gets too overwhelming but will try to remember this renewed excitement!

  4. Fantastic! The very best of luck to you. I think it’ll work out. Nothing worse than not wanting to go to work every day. It’s so much of your life! Keep us posted. And while I’m here, merry Christmas! 🙂

  5. Good News Ger. Loved when you said others feel it is a risk but “it feels right to me.” You are just where you should be and will be successful. You put it out there and what was meant to be happened. My love and support are always with you, xoxo Mom

  6. Exciting! It sounds like you know deep down that this is right for you. Sometimes we have to make decisions when we’re unsure. I’m glad this opportunity came to you when you were ready to grab hold of it.

  7. Congratulations, Geralyn! I’m so excited for you. I know you’ve wanted something new for quite some time and I couldn’t be happier that you’re starting a new adventure. You go, girl. Have a lovely holiday and enjoy that new start. 🙂

  8. Congrats, dear Geralyn. And I think you’re feeling exactly the way one should at this time. Both excited and nervous. After all, it’s something new and a change. New learning, new experiences. My very best wishes, and congrats again.

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