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Hi, my name is Geralyn. I am a responsible person, work a steady job, am in a fulfilling relationship, have a busy and happy life. I’m blessed with amazing friends and family.  And I’m restless. I’m often dreaming of “what’s next” and “what else can I be passionate about” while also trying to remind myself to stay in the day, in the moment, where my feet are.

I started this blog and chose the name “Where My Feet Are” because, like all of us, I am on an ever evolving  journey –  personally, professionally, spiritually. I look for adventure in almost every thing I do and try to learn and grow from all of my experiences whether they unfold in my backyard garden or on a trip across the country or the ocean.

My goal is to take notice as I walk through my day, learn a thing or two along the way and share it here with you. Hope you stop in and stay awhile, let’s take this walk together.



Contact me:

wheremyfeetare (at) yahoo.com



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  1. Love your title. I laughed when I read “responsible.” Just the opposite of me! I think we can still be friends though! Thanks for dropping by “Honey.”

  2. Hi, Geralyn! I love your concept, “where my feet are.” Occasionally I try to write what I call “living in the moment” blog posts. Same idea: trying to appreciate that moment, where my feet are, instead of always looking for what’s ahead and what I left behind. It’s amazing what acknowledging “where my feet are” can do for my mental health 🙂 Looking forward to enjoying more of your blog!

  3. A really interesting blog and beautiful photographs too. I have been trying to do a similar thing in my blog – I wanted to record all the wonderful things I see and make a record of the places I visit. It’s easy to go round with ‘blinkers’ on worrying about the might-be’s and what-if’s and ignoring the real things around us. I have been directed here from Elizabeth Melton-Parson’s blog.

  4. Hi. I emailed you recently about the book you won on my blog. I’m not sure if you received it or not. Will need you to confirm soon or unfortunately, I’ll have to choose another winner. Sorry.

  5. Hi, Geralyn. I’m really glad I found your blog this evening. I’m enjoying reading your posts about South Africa and looking forward to reading more in the future. Great photos as well! Best wishes, Susan

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