Today My Feet were in Redding

Last weekend was cold and icy but on Sunday we managed to go for a short hike at a local park. The ground was covered in snow but cresting the slight inclines were a snap with the new hiking spikes we both got as Christmas gifts. We probably could have done the loop without them […]

Restless in CT

I was feeling restless last week. I couldn’t come up with any reason except the fact that there has been too little exercising and too much eating in my life lately (damn those Christmas cookies). Exercising energizes me and I’ve gotten out of my routine. The simple solution for my restlessness is to […]


Welcome to my blog. The idea of a blog has been brewing in my mind for awhile now but has also had me intimidated.  If you know me you know I am not on the cutting edge of technology and wasn’t sure what starting a blog would entail.  Turns out it’s as […]