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The last time I was in South Beach we wandered over to the hotel next door and into their gift shop. When vacationing I usually like to buy something to remind me of the places I’ve visited. More times than not I wind up buying a scarf; they’re pretty, versatile and can dress up an outfit. When I saw this convertible scarf, the FER, displayed in several ways and in several colors on mannequins throughout the store I knew I wanted one. I loved mine so much that I ordered 2 more online, as soon as I got home, as gifts. There was a mixup with my order and I ended up speaking to someone from the Company. Long story short I asked about being a sales rep for FER and here we are. I am also an ambassador which means you can buy online and save 10% when using the code:  Geralyn10.  Check back often, the colors change.

PicMonkey CollageTop left, Bolero.  Top Right, Double wrap scarf,  Lower Left, scarf.  Lower right, wrap

 Shop FER and save 10% with code:  Geralyn10

PicMonkey Collage

Left, Boho.  Middle, scarf. Right, shawl

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