Timing is Everything

Bill and I prepped the walls in his laundry room Saturday night so we could paint them Sunday morning; he spackled and sanded over nail holes, I sanded and painted the two shelves that hung above the washing machine and dryer.

When we woke up Sunday it was warm and clear so we decided to take a walk at Eisenhower Park before getting to work. There are several paths, I still don’t know them all, but we usually pass a certain cluster of evergreen trees as we make our way further back into the woods.

IMG_0255To my delight the trees were, again, decorated for the holiday. Our timing was good, we must have walked by only days after the tree trimming party. Every paper ornament was still bright and intact and the names on them, written in marker, clear enough to read. Other times, during winter, we’ve walked by this patch of evergreens to find the ornaments already fading, some fallen or ripped from the tree, scattered in the brush, or barely visible under snow covered limbs and ground. I’ve never seen the trees so fully decorated.

IMG_0255Green, pink, blue and red ornaments dedicated to pets and loved ones hung from the trees. Paw prints and hearts were drawn around the beloved’s name. Candy cane ribbon weaved in and out of the branches and red bows topped each tree. We spent a few minutes reading the names out loud and admiring the artist’s handiwork.

Back home, we applied the first coat of paint. Had we started earlier in the morning we probably could have finished a second coat. But, the laundry room will be there this weekend, the ornaments, ribbon and bows may not.

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    • Yes, the trees are decorated every year but I have no idea who does it. I tried googling to see if I could find anything about it but no luck. Nice little surprise to come across while out hiking. 🙂

  1. Geralyn I have never seen something like this before! This is so beautiful and sweet! thank you so much for telling us and posting these pictures! That is really special! yes the laundry room can wait haha

  2. Your story brought a smile to my face seeing those colorful ornaments. Such a pretty sight. You and Bill made a wise decision, It made it a “happy” day for me. Xo

  3. Wonderful trees. Sure do wonder who is behind the effort. In downtown Boise we have a giving tree that looks a little like these, but not nearly as colorful. But the idea behind the giving tree is that each ornament has a specific item listed on it, and on the back are instructions of where to drop off the unwrapped, new item. These gifts are collected and then distributed by the Women’s and Children’s Alliance. This year I grabbed a request for Legoes. Boy, I had no idea how expensive those are! I think the gift will bring many hours of fun to some little kid and probably lots of underfoot pain from an unsuspecting adult walking across the floor in the dark. 😉

    • I’d like to know who decorates those trees every year too. I’ve seen those giving trees, Linda. That’s true (cost) and funny (underfoot pain) about the Legoes. I’m part of a group that brings a xmas party into a homeless shelter and have to buy games/toys for 5 kids. What the heck do young teenage girls and boys even like that I can afford? I’m going to have to search the internet.

  4. That’s a nice idea 🙂 So far we’ve been to the cemetery with wreathes and the tree has made it into a tub and is sitting in the corner awaiting its finery. Some time this weekend, I very much hope 🙂

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