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When an acquaintance asked me how my summer’s been going I smiled and said “great!” He seemed a bit taken aback by my quick and energetic reply, asked what I’ve been doing. The answer isn’t that I’m doing anything extra special; I’ve been seeing my friends and family, exercising, planning a vacation, taking a day trip here and there, eating out, basically the same activities I do year round. My life is full and I’m blessed. So what’s changed?

IMG_1103 (2)

The changes are subtle. It’s like hearing, then tuning out, the construction noise or traffic right outside my window so when it stops I don’t register how long it’s been quiet. It’s like having a headache all morning, then not having it and trying to remember when my head stopped hurting. Subtle. It’s like having a great summer, doing all the things I normally do but not remembering when the shift from life is good to LIFE IS GOOD happened.

IMG_2563 (3)

4th of July block party

IMG_2561 (3)

Neighborhood Block Party

I’m feeling invigorated and upbeat this summer and I think some of it has to do with this little corner of the internet I’ve claimed as my own. Writing this blog has helped me in subtle ways. It’s allowed me to create something and, hopefully, share it with others. It’s helped me notice what’s happening around me and the ground below my feet. It’s inspired me to look into a photography class. It’s sparked a passion in me that I am always in search of.

IMG_1104 (2)

4th of July bonfire on the beach

IMG_1111 (2)

The gang on the beach

I’ve been relaxing a little more too….a little more, a good start for me. Knowing we were going into the city on Sunday afternoon we opted out of a bike ride that morning. Instead we sat on the deck drinking coffee, booked our flights for our trip to Yellowstone next month and a hotel room for the night before and night after our hike. There wasn’t any rushing, no trying to fit it all in. My first thought was, as always, “I should be riding my bike or running or doing something,” but it was fleeting as I sipped my coffee and peered into the woods around Bill’s yard trying to spot a deer or fox (they usually walk through the yard at dusk or at night but I look whenever I’m out there).

IMG_2449 (4)

Getting together with friends I’ve known since grammar school but haven’t seen in years (except Barbi).

I am also embarking on a new endeavor professionally. I’ll mention it here but will be adding a page to my blog and writing a separate post about it. If you follow me on Facebook you’ve seen that I am an ambassador for FER convertible shawls.  If you order online (order here) using the code Geralyn10 you will receive 10% discount. I’ve got another exciting opportunity with the company, more on that later.

IMG_2404 (3)

order here and get 10% off when using code Geralyn10

IMG_2427 (2)

A few changes in my life and I feel the shift in a good way, a positive way. I think there may be more changes coming, I can feel it.


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  1. Really like the message. Made me feel joyful and hopeful. Reminds me of a guidance lesson I use to do with the kids to encourage them to reach a goal. Can’t remember it all but there was a little saying we would say at the end, putting thumb to index finger and moving up as if climbing a ladder and say “Litlle by little bit by bit…………..” and they would celebrate their success for the day. The pictures are good. I love the last one with scarf around your neck. It is a great product. Wishing you lots of success in your new endeavor. It all sounds good!

    • Thanks! I saw your other comment about the grains of sand. We always say drop by drop change happens…slow and steady. I’m excited to be on a new adventure too!

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