This is what Tuesday looks like

IMG_3785 (2)

I stayed home sick yesterday, back at work this morning I saw a desk littered with paper. If I had thrown a lit match into my office I’m sure the blaze would have been substantial. During lunch I met Lenore at the gym for a quick back and triceps workout. Back in the office I worked late trying to catch up; I managed to organize the projects I didn’t complete into neatly stacked piles on my desk. Ideally, I’ll get there tomorrow and start chipping away at each pile of paper, moving them from my desk to my credenza or filing cabinet or trash can.

I rushed home, toasted one of those thin sandwich rounds, cut it up and ate it with humus standing at my kitchen counter. I changed into jeans, brushed my teeth and headed over to the high school for my photography class. I missed last week and walked in feeling a little self-conscious about my camera envy but took a seat, slid my little point and shoot from my pocketbook, started playing with the settings.

Two women modeled for us tonight. When the blond with the pink sweater and jeans arrived she sat down next to me.

“Why did you take this class?” she asked me.

I thought I saw her checking out my camera, said defensively “because it’s a basic photography class.”

She asked if my camera could do what the others did. “Not everything,” I said, “but some stuff.”

I had my photos from the second class with me and pulled them out of a manilla folder to show her. She was nice enough to admire the ones from Central Park and I started to relax. Without a formal backdrop we took photos of both women in front of filing cabinets and doorways, trying to keep them as our focal point so as not to notice the background. The two hours went by surprisingly fast. The group has been together for a month and we’re more familiar and friendlier with each other. We share our photos and encourage each other.

When I got home I ate a bag of microwave popcorn and three Oreos, hopefully the garden salad with avocado I ate for lunch will offset my poor dinner choice. I talked on the phone to Bill, got ready for bed and wrote on my blog. For today, this is what Tuesday looks like.


A photo of the instructor taking a photo

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