It’s been 365 days


Where it all started for this blog

I think my blog turned one today. I started it on another platform and switched over somewhere down the line; the archives show the same post uploaded on 12/9/13 and 12/10/13. As I re-read my first post I thought about that hiking trip in Southern Utah, the heartfelt sharing, the idea for this blog’s inception. Here we are a full year later and I oftentimes feel the same way I felt in December, 2013. The restlessness I feel isn’t constant, it gathers momentum like a wave cresting and crashing to the surface then slowly and quietly eases back into the ocean’s embrace. Today I’m content, bobbing along in calm water.

I’m making subtle changes, maybe just shifting my mindset, but I’m moving toward a change. I can feel it. I’ve written about it here and here but, really, it’s the theme of this whole damn blog. No, I’m not moving toward a change, I’m in the midst of one. I don’t know how long it’ll take or if I’ll even recognize the difference but I’m not standing still, that much I know. And maybe the moving, the not standing still, is the ‘it.’

When I am in the throes of my restlessness, wanderlust, boredom, call it what you will I want to remember that my life ebbs and flows, goes well then not so well, has long stretches of peaceful days and short stretches of turbulent ones. I’ll always search and question, it’s who I am. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks to everyone who’s joined me on this journey, let’s keep moving forward together. And Happy Birthday “Where My Feet Are.” I look forward to chronicling where they go from here.


Zion National Park





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  1. Happy Birthday to you and your blog! I am enjoying the journey and learn a little more of my beautiful daughter’s inner thoughts. It’s a joy to say I am your Mom. Your writing and pictures are very well done. But as you always say I am biased ! How could I not be. Here’s to more fun reading. xo

  2. Happy birthday to where my feet are! And congrats to you on your one year anniversary. Looking forward to the changes as you move forward. Enjoy what you’ve been doing so it can only get better. I think my blog is stagnant, but then that’s me. lol. Have a beautiful week, Ceralyn.

    • Thanks for your comments and for reading my blog. Seven years blogging and books written (I took advantage of Thanksgiving sales and uploaded them to my Kindle)….doesn’t look stagnant from here! 🙂

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