Grey skies and white lights

IMG_2175 (2)

Mt Ascutney from our back window. Overcast and raining.

Saturday’s forecast in Vermont called for rain all day, skiing and snowshoeing were out. Tom, Bill and I did a quick cardio workout at the gym, Jana caught up on some reading, before deciding what we would do with our day. We tossed around driving to Stowe or Burlington and settled on both. I called my cousin, Chris, who lives in Stowe and made plans to swing by for a quick visit after exploring the village. After picking up sandwiches to eat in the car we got on the road due north, about a two-hour drive. In Stowe, we wandered along the main street; I’ve never been and wanted to duck into most stores and shops we passed. We pulled books off of shelves, laughed at funny greeting cards in one store, filled a small paper bag with swedish fish and chocolate covered oreos at another shop, modeled fur-lined hats with ear flaps and bought maple syrup in yet another one. Once we had our fill we drove out of the village, up, up, up winding gravel roads to my cousin’s house. Ella, their chocolate lab, greeted us along with the family.

IMG_4510 (2)

Our dads are brothers

I last saw my cousin, his wife and their kids, at a family wedding in the summer of 2013. They welcomed the four of us into their home, gracious hosts on short notice. We made ourselves comfortable around the kitchen’s center island where drinks and cheese and crackers were offered. It was a quick visit, we had plans for dinner in Burlington, but we managed to fill each other in on our lives and the others in our family. My dad’s birthday is Saturday, my sister planned a party for him at a restaurant near his home; Chris’ mom and dad, my aunt and uncle will be there. We left with talk of another visit this Summer; their house butts up against Land Trust property with miles of trails.

IMG_4505 (2)

view out the back, too cloudy to see much

IMG_4508 (2)

Another angle from the back

On the road again, we drove an hour west to Burlington where Tom and Jana’s niece attends college. We picked her up, parked the car in a downtown garage and walked the pedestrian mall to get a feel for the town. It was drizzling and damp, the night duskier than it would have been on a clear day. Lake Champlain, off in the distance, was a dark, glossy mass. The streets were filled with students and older adults alike, talking, smoking, carrying shopping bags. We took our time, looked left and right, pointed out certain specialty shops and coffee bars. At dinner, we heard about Leigh’s recent trip to Ireland, passed around her phone to admire her photos.

IMG_4520 (2)

Church Street Market


IMG_4516 (2)

Canopy of lights


IMG_2183 (2)

End of the road

Dinner over, stomachs full, we walked back to our car, dropped off Leigh and started the two-hour drive back to Mt Ascutney. Rain mixed with snow, creating icy conditions. Tom, driver extraordinaire, got us home safe and sound. Everyone slept in on Sunday morning, lazy and tired from our previous day’s tour of VT. Walking to the general store for breakfast, we took a shortcut through a snow packed field, over a wooden bridge to the main road. We drank large cups of coffee, ate eggs, toast, and homemade donuts that we asked the day before be put aside for us; we didn’t want to take the chance they’d sell out, they usually do.

After our late breakfast we sat in the living room digesting our food; we talked, watched a comedian’s stand up performance on Netflix. The laptop signaled its need to be plugged in, the sign we needed to get moving. We packed up and got on the road, listening first to songs of the 70s; when we got bored we switched to songs of the 60s.



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  1. I was in Vermont several years ago for a business trip. My first time even though I had grown up in northern New York state. I didn’t get to see much of Burlington since we were in the consultant’s offices all day, but, as part of the business trip, we drove up to a small town near the Canadian border (the name of the town escapes me right now) where our consultant also has offices. It took awhile for me and my coworker to realize one of the things so different in Vermont from Florida was there were NO billboard signs! We could enjoy Vermont’s natural beauty without being ticky-tacky signs interfering with our pleasure. What a treat! Florida is practically paved over with billboards and asphalt ;(
    Your photos really make me miss that part of the US 🙂

    • That’s funny about billboards in FL, Marie Ann. I’ve been to FL many times and I do know what you mean. VT is beautiful, we commented how close we were to Canadian border. We’ll have to take that drive another time. I’ve been in Plattsburg, NY which is just across the lake from Burlington. Definitely different scenery and pace from where I live in CT. Thanks!

    • We’re going up one more time, last weekend in March. Mt Ascutney is closed due to management issues so no skiing there ever. But, we’ve snow shoed on the mountain and will be bringing them and our spikes next trip. Not sure what the conditions on surrounding ski areas will be. Looking forward to Spring!!!

  2. Nice picture of you and Chris Ger. Nice that you were able to connect and they were flexible enough to greet you with pleasure. I loved the pictures also, especially the last one. It looks like one of the many Christmas villages I saw when I travelled down the Danube. Beautiful. Many great memories for you and Bill. xo

    • Short visit but good to see everyone. Bill took that last picture I posted (his was better than the one I took). I love it, captures the essence of quaint, college town.

  3. Hi Ger I am sitting here not as active as I use to be and enjoying all of your blogs. If u don’t mind I am going along with you and Bill on your trips and activities. You write so well I think I am there. You are truly an artist with words. Where are we going next? Congratulations! Please stay with it. Tom

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