A Spring Hike

The calendar says Spring but the ground we hiked on today was almost entirely covered in snow and ice. We hiked here last Winter; Bill suggested we go back today. It snowed all day here yesterday, with only an inch or two of accumulation, but there were some areas in the woods that resembled mid Winter. We wore spikes over our boots, walked on ice, snow, slush and mud. Like last time we crossed paths with other hikers and dog walkers until we got deeper into the woods where we saw another hiker or two but were mostly alone.

IMG_4561 (2)

IMG_4556 (2)

IMG_4560 (2)It was chilly when we started but soon the woods blocked the wind; we warmed up with the exertion of climbing short steep inclines, jogging for brief bursts along the flat areas. The day was clear, the skies blue. Animal tracks – rabbit, turkey, coyote – crossed the trails, a hawk landed on a nearby tree. It warmed up, reached the 40s, a beautiful day for a Spring hike.

IMG_4554 (2)

IMG_4567 (2)

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  1. AWESOME Pictures! I can’t believe the sky could be that blue and beautiful. It looked like a painting. I could hear the silence and feel the solitude over here. So spiritual and calming. Thanks for sharing. Would not have had this experience without your post. xo

    • Thanks Jill. When I run 40 is perfect temperature so I forget it can get a little chilly if I’m walking. You’re right, once the wind stopped and the sun was out it was a beautiful day.

  2. Oh dear. Ice grips! And here we have full blown spring. Off course, I’m convinced we’ll get a late spring storm that will freeze all the flowers & plants that the over eager have put out already. (Like me) I just hope that when it comes, it won’t include snow, because with the trees all leafed out, that would be disaster.

    Your photos are marvelous. The best part of the snow at this point, has to be the critter tracks.I always smile when I see evidence of night time frolics.

    • I think Spring has finally surfaced around here. Snow’s melted completely in my yard and the crocuses are blooming! I won’t be planting until after Mother’s Day, safe bet there won’t be any more freezing weather. Yes, we always stop to inspect animal tracks and guess what created them.

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