Whose bed have I been sleeping in?

I spent the weekend in NYC with these two; I’ll be writing a couple of posts about our adventures in the next few days. Joanne and I took the 4:16 train into 125th Street without any delays or lost cell phones. We hailed a cab to the apartment we were staying in on 93rd and Broadway. Jana wasn’t there yet so Jo and I ordered Chai tea Lattes at the corner Starbucks and waited for her there. We’ve been seeing each other regularly at Friday night football games but still had plenty to talk about; the three of us, friends for over thirty years, are never at a loss for topics to discuss, never afraid to reveal ourselves.

I’m afraid I talked Joanne’s ear off about my wanderlust but she lovingly and patiently listened. When I apologized she told me, “don’t worry, talk as much and as long as you want or need to.” She shared her thoughts and offered suggestions, one of the reasons I love her (and all my girlfriends).

Jana arrived, ordered her Chai Latte and a second one for Joanne and me to split. When we had slurped the last of the foam from our cups we walked across the street to the apartment, took the elevator to the fifth floor (not before knocking a glass framed print off the wall which crashed onto the floor in an explosion of glass) and relaxed for a bit. The apartment is big and roomy, one of the largest home dwellings I’ve seen in the city. There’s a loft and a bedroom situated at opposite ends of the space, completely cut off from the other. This would be a nice set up for a teen who wants their privacy or roommates who need their own living areas but I wanted all of us together in one room.

IMG_4014 (2)

The loft

After sharing a dinner of mixed greens, beet salad, mussel and artichoke salad, scallops with potato puree, browned butter ravioli with pine nuts and two desserts we happily walked the nine blocks home. We bundled up against the cold in our winter coats, scarves and gloves; on our short walk back we noticed two forms laying on the ground against a building, a few feet apart from each other, wrapped up tight in layers of blankets that I hope kept them warm.

“I’ve never seen that around here,” said Jana, looking back over her shoulder at the homeless ‘couple.’  She’s been staying at the apartment we were headed back to for years. “That’s the first time.” We were quiet for a few minutes, lost in our thoughts.

Back at the apartment we checked the air mattress we’d filled before dinner and saw it had a leak; the mattress was soft, when I walked on it my feet sank right to the hardwood floor. We tossed around different sleeping arrangements and settled on the three of us in the bedroom; Joanne and I shared the bed, Jana slept on the air mattress on the floor. We talked late into the night, eventually drifted off to sleep.

IMG_4021 (2)

Comfy bed

When Jana woke up in the morning the only barrier between her and the floor was the thin deflated mattress. She mentally checked for aches and pains, said, “I can’t believe I slept on the floor but I feel pretty good.”

Joanne left the following night and Jana’s cousin came in from VA. She slept in the loft and Jana and I shared the bed. I took the train home on Sunday afternoon, got in my car at the station and drove to Bill’s house where I spent the night.

Tonight my mom came in from FL; we had plans for a slumber party at my sister’s house, where she’s staying. I was tired and begged off after dinner. I plan on sleeping soundly in my own bed tonight.

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  1. Always a great time with my friends. 🙂 Patty is from Richmond, VA. She lives in SF now but was visiting her mom who still lives there and took a little detour to NYC on her way home.

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